“Playing with Perception” (Fall 2020)
Visiting Instructor, Bard College Berlin
Studio Arts department

“Technosphere” (Spring 2019) w/ Katrin Klingan
Visiting Instructor, Universität der Angewandte Kunst, Vienna
Cross Disciplinary Strategies department

“Infrastructure” (June 2015)
Guest Lecture, NYIT Summer School, Berlin
School of Architecture

“Wagnis des Extatischen”( Feb 2015) with Tyna Fritschy
Visiting Instructor, ZHdK, Zürich
Art Theory department

Public Lectures / Conferences

0xSalon001 ::: Better Living Through Abstraction? (Feb 2020)
Conversation with Wassim Alsindi, Sam Hart, Laura Lotti
Trust, Berlin

“Vertically Integrated Labor Unions” (Oct 2019)
Ich als Masse (2): Organization is key
Panel with Heike Geissler, Chris Koever, and Carla Wortelkamp
GfZK, Leipzig

“Vertically Integrated Labor Unions” (Oct 2019)
Gaming Labor Panel with Susan Ploetz
Trust, Berlin

“The Live Creature and Ethereal Things” (April 2018)
Ex_Changing Perceptions – Art for Change, DAAD
UdK, Berlin

Response and moderation (June 2017)
The Proxy and its Politics panel with Kodwo Eshun and Doreen Mende
HKW, Berlin

“Scared of our own reflection” (Feb 2017)
Serious Sparkles: An Inquiry into Artificial Stupidity, CTM festival
Lacuna Lab, Berlin, Germany

“The Utopia Between the Islands” (June 2017)
Utopian Union Berlin Summit
ACUD, Berlin

“At [Rylon] Chtulu waits dreaming…” (Nov 2016)
Lecture series as part of Love Fiction by The Agency
Dritte Welt, Berlin

“Nothing: Alchemy and Technology” (December 2015)
Fokidos Gallery, Athens

“Citizenship as Infrastructure” (November 2015)
Utopian Union Venice
Deutsche Studienzentrum, Venice